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End 2 End Test environments, a dead End road

With the rise of Distributed Architecture, independent DevOps teams and automated CI/CD the End-to-End test environments needs to be reconsidered. They become flaky, shaky, untrustworthy and hard to maintain. Why are End-to-End test environments a dead End road and what are the alternatives. Why are people still using these so called ‘production-like’ test environments and how can we achieve the same level of software quality without them. After attending this talk I hope people are questioning the end-2-end test environments. I will give some ideas on how to solve the testing problems in a different way being less depending on those fragile environments.

Devoxx 2019
Talk: End 2 End test environments, a dead End Road

Easily find your conference pictures using the power of the cloud

As regular conference speakers and attendees we appreciate the efforts from organizers to document the conference using photography. The only downside from this is that we often spend plenty of time clicking through many pages of pictures to find the ones which are relevant to us. So we did what all decent programmers do: automate this tedious task.

In this talk we will show you how we leveraged the power of the cloud using Quarkus and GraalVM to build AWS lambdas running native images, the AWS CDK to deploy infrastructure using actual code for our infrastructure and AWS Rekognition to do the heavy lifting in image analysis.

We will tell you about the cool parts of this tool and its cutting edge technologies, but will also be honest about the bleeding caused by that edge. Hopefully this talk makes it a bit less sharp…

Devoxx 2019
Talk: Easily find your conference pictures using the power of the cloud
Devoxx Interview with Arun Gupta
Article by Stephan Janssen

From nothing to production within 1 hour

What does it mean for a big financial company to go large scale to the public cloud? What effect has this on the 200+ teams? What is needed to enable teams migrating their services from an on-premises modular monolith to a microservices architecture based on Pivotal Cloud Foundry, while ‘keeping the shop open’? We will share our lessons learned, how we enabled teams, how automation became our friend and what the costs are of full CI/CD. I will show what enables us to go from nothing to production within an hour.

JFall 2018
Talk: From nothing to production within 1 hour

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