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I’m still not sure who likes these End-2-End testing environments. When I start with a rant about the environments in presentations I see a lot of people nodding, putting their thumbs up and smiling. Actually nobody came to me and told me they are in favor of these environments. Maybe it’s because of my rant, but I hope I’m accessible enough to speak up and share your thoughts even if they don’t align with mine.   While talking with people about their setup of End-2-End…

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Dear End-2-End test environment, 
Hi E2E, 

You and I have a special relation. We know each other for some time now, we go way back.
It was not love at first side, but we found a way to make it work.  
In the beginning you gave me a save feeling, the confirmation that what I did was right. 
Working with you gave me some confidence, I had the feeling we made each other better. 
Strong alone, but stronger together.  

But soon I found out that this was all fake, it didn't come from both sides.…

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